Stifflex Displays

The paper experience of the new Stifflex collections finds a natural complement through the elegant lines of its displays, ready to welcome them and to highlight colors and characters. The Stifflex displays are supplied already assembled and are made in alveolar cardboard in a havana brown color so that the entire production maintains unaltered the standards of eco-sustainability and respect for the environment on which the company as always based its policies.

Modern design forms and structures also feature these products, which will enrich your outlets with a new and original type of furniture, available in the following versions:

Giuliano Mazzuoli Stifflex
Display: counter display (9 x 14 cm)
Measurements: cm 34 x 29 x 27h
Code: expo1 S
Holds: 36 pieces, 9 x 14 cm
Giuliano Mazzuoli Stifflexible
Display: counter display (13 x 21 cm and/or 15 x 21 cm)
Measurements: cm 52 x 29 x 34h
Code: expo2 M
Holds: 36 pieces, 13 x 21 cm and/or 15 x 21 cm
Counter Displays: each containing 36 notebooks in different sizes: 9 x 14 cm, 13 x 21 cm and/or 15 x 21 cm
Giuliano Mazzuoli Stifflexible
Display: floor display
Measurements: cm 60 x 25 x 185h
Code: expo3 L
Holds: 100 pieces, 9 x 14 cm
60 pieces, 13 x 21 cm, 40 pieces 15 x 21 cm, 30 pieces 19 x 25 cm. 230 assorted pieces in total
Floor Display: Designed to hold up to 230 notebooks, this library-style display is offered with 100 pieces in 9 x 14 cm format, 60 pieces in 13 x 21 cm format, 40 pieces in 15 x 21 cm format and 30 pieces in 19 x 25 cm format